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"The Slave Maker" Hypno MP3

Greetings, hypnoerotica community! I want to share with you the information on my latest erotic hypnosis mp3, which I am quite pleased with. In fact, I listened to it for *fun* two times in a row last night, after I released it for sale to the public. And that is something I never do. But I really enjoyed listening to it, and must say I became very aroused. Listen to the free sample and purchase if you like :)

The Slave Maker

It's true; you *have* been incorrectly programmed. The information you've been fed throughout your life about what your goals should be, what you believe in, and how to behave has caused you to live a completely misguided life. You have struggled, perhaps, with the idea of submission and service to an amazing Woman. Maybe you have thought that it would feel so right to be a slave, but fell back into the false information and lifestyle that you have become unhappily accustomed to. Well, you finally have the opportunity to be re-programmed into 100% correct thought. You will become My True Slave, and it will be the best thing to ever happen to you. Life is about to just begin...

27:46 minutes for $29.99

Includes: erotic hypnosis, mental conditioning, reprogramming, enslavement, goddess worship, orgasm control, orgasm trigger

Listen to a sample HERE.
Purchase through: NiteFlirt - KinkBomb - Clippette
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