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"The Slave Maker" Hypno MP3 [25 Aug 2011|01:49pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

Greetings, hypnoerotica community! I want to share with you the information on my latest erotic hypnosis mp3, which I am quite pleased with. In fact, I listened to it for *fun* two times in a row last night, after I released it for sale to the public. And that is something I never do. But I really enjoyed listening to it, and must say I became very aroused. Listen to the free sample and purchase if you like :)

The Slave Maker

It's true; you *have* been incorrectly programmed. The information you've been fed throughout your life about what your goals should be, what you believe in, and how to behave has caused you to live a completely misguided life. You have struggled, perhaps, with the idea of submission and service to an amazing Woman. Maybe you have thought that it would feel so right to be a slave, but fell back into the false information and lifestyle that you have become unhappily accustomed to. Well, you finally have the opportunity to be re-programmed into 100% correct thought. You will become My True Slave, and it will be the best thing to ever happen to you. Life is about to just begin...

27:46 minutes for $29.99

Includes: erotic hypnosis, mental conditioning, reprogramming, enslavement, goddess worship, orgasm control, orgasm trigger

Listen to a sample HERE.
Purchase through: NiteFlirt - KinkBomb - Clippette
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Erotic Hypnosis Ethics? [30 Aug 2009|12:39am]

Seems to be a hot topic as of late on some forums. I've also just sort of been minding my own business doing my thing, yet had a couple of people contact me directly concerning the topic. So what the heck, thought I'd make a community post on the subject.

It's expected if one were to go to a hypnotist for clinical hypnotherapy that the hypnotist would be perfectly ethical. Interesting enough I have gone to such a hypnotist in my history and found well, that completely ethical behavior wasn't necessarily the case but that's a whole different topic.

When it come to recreational hypnosis in particular the erotic kind, is there an expectation the hypnotist should be completely ethical? Well I would have to say yes and no. Part of the "no" has to do with the fact that for many a big part of the allure of erotic hypnosis is being convinced to do something you might not normally do.

I have to say I think a lot of that is fantasy, because I do believe the old saying that you wouldn't do anything under hypnosis that you wouldn't normally do when not in trance. However some would argue that over a period of time an individual can be manipulated to do something against their will.

I feel that hypnosis is really about bringing to the forefront issues or desires that might be laying dormant for an individual. What might appear to be against someones will is very likely something the individual really wanted anyway, perhaps maybe not admitted.

Then there is the question of what is really ethical anyway. Many would say if a hypnotist happens to suggest the subject purchase more recordings while in trance, that it constitutes unethical behavior. I happen to think that its more along the line of if I really enjoyed this trance of course I'm certainly going to want more. If the trance happened to suck, well then suggest all they want and its unlikely to be effective.

And what about the subject of financial domination through erotic hypnosis? Personally its not my thing, being poor being a key contributor to that. But I also happen to know some very cool people that do financial domination that make no secret of the fact that's what they do. So is that unethical? If someone happens to purchase something that is financial domination related and ends up spending a lot of money maybe more than they thought they would, is it the hypnotist that is being unethical or is it the subject being foolish?

I think these are all valid questions and I feel there is no right or wrong that is universal for each individual. It's something each individual needs to ask themselves, and could be said about a lot of things in life beyond erotic hypnosis.

Then there is the question of emotional attachments, and yes some unhealthy relationships do occur on the net. But again this is something that extends well beyond erotic hypnosis and is more of a general sociological issue.

Just a few of my thoughts.
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Hello Everyone! [19 Jul 2009|02:14am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

My name is Kuro (or Madame Kuro to My submissives) and I am a 21 year old online Domina from London, UK. I have always had an avid intrest in hypnosis (paird with My stunning good looks, and sly flirting I get just about anything I want, lol), I think it was a film I watched when I was very young and it dealt with a Woman hypnotising a man into becoming Her lover. After that, I was hooked on reading up on it, and practicing some techniques Myself. 

I would call Myself a Hypnodomme, but I am in no means professionally qualified. I just like to have with the techniques I've learnt over the years with willing paticiapnts. 

I don't think I have ever posted here, so hello!

:) MK

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BDSM Thanksgiving greetings! :) [30 Nov 2008|09:40am]


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BDSM Thanksgiving greetings! :) [30 Nov 2008|09:29am]


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Purrfect Trance [19 Jul 2008|04:40pm]

Animal passion, a touch of magic, the elements, and hypnotic power, may come together to produce the perfect trance.

My animations are becoming a little more sophisticated as I keep challenging myself, this one in particular. All the animation frames were rendered in Poser, background animation created in Photoshop, and as usual published in Flash.

hypnotic animation

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[15 Jul 2008|11:28pm]

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