Hypno Erotica

Look deep into the spiral...

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This LJ Community is for people interested in fictional or non fictional uses of erotic hypnosis. Passing interest or deep obsession, we're here to cater! Feel free to post or request scripts, links, or anything else that is on the topic of erotic hypnosis or even hypnosis. Real life stories and your own fiction are perfectly acceptable and encouraged, as long as it is not offensive (ie: racist, rude) or off topic. If you have a community or a link to post, please only do so once, more will be considered spamming.

Over all this community is just a way for hypno fetishists or those who are curious to find a common grounds. Do not feel afraid to post curiosities! There are no stupid questions besides rude questions. Any impolite responses to a request will be considered flaming and such comments will be deleted. Continued rude comments will result in a ban.

As long as you're polite, this community should be a lot of fun! So let loose, and explore the myriad of ways that one can have fun with the ever vulnerable human mind!

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